Who am I?

I'm Eddie. You might know me online or from school. I don't bite.

Contact Info

Contact info will be updated shortly.

Why do I have a website?

I am a student. A few of my not-yet-abandoned projects are E.D.D.I.E. Terminal and Eddie Music Player. I've been told the way I name things is neither narcissisic nor bland. I use this 7 character domain name for many purposes, and this is just a front-end to it. There's more behind the scenes.

Employ me

Right now, I am not looking for employment. That doesn't mean you can't email me at orangesheep14 at googlemail dot com.

There may be more information at my blog

Why the name?

orsh is short for orange sheep. I wanted to buy or.sh or eduardoluna.com but those would be thousands of dollars I do not have. Maybe someday... Anyways, I came up with this name when I was in fifth grade, and I've sort of just sticked with it. It's "randum xD" but it's mine.

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